7-DAY Fungal Nail Repair Pen

7-DAY Fungal Nail Repair Pen

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Highly Effective Toe Nail Fungal Repair.
Kills fungus and other symptoms while accelerating toe nails growth for healthy replacement.

Fast and Instant Results Within 7 Days.
Expect visible results within just a week of application.

Restores New and Healthy Nails and Protects from Infection.
Helps with a formulated healthier nail growth that has infection prevention.

Eliminates Bad Odor and Bad Scent, Cleans and Purifies the Nails.
Removes the odor produced by nail fungal build-ups.

Made With 100% Herbal Ingredients that is Guaranteed Safe To Use.
Made with organic ingredients that is sure to help the human body naturally.

Unique and Versatile Nail Penetrating Formula, Suitable for All Nails.
Gentle method and widely applicable for all nails.



  • Content: 15g
  • Package Includes: 1 7-DAY Fungal Nail Repair Pen