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Hip & Pelvis Trainer

Hip & Pelvis Trainer

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 Before we introduce our product, let's look at our happy customers

"I used to think I have a low sense of balance, but that was not the problem where in fact the real problem was that my body was actually not balanced at all. My body's posture was weird and imbalanced and to fix it was correct my body's alignment and that is when I got  Hip & Pelvis Trainer where I used it everyday to exercise and correct my hips, in only 21 days of exercise I have been walking confidently, not only did I correct my posture, I also have toner muscle!"

Michelle Smith --- Butte, Montana

"I have been using Hip & Pelvis Trainer for the past 2 months now. My body is significantly look better now, I used to have an asymmetrical look and an awkward posture but after exercising everyday with this tool I am now more confident with myself. This is truly life changing."

Richard Rutherford --- Oakland, California

Consist of 2 Key factors for Hip & Pelvis Trainer

  1. Body Toning
  2. Pelvis Correction


Body Toning your muscles reduces fat and body weight. Weight loss on the body's skeleton results in an improvement in health, correction of posture, joints and skeletal system. A toned body provides more strength, energy and flexibility, and can decrease the risk of developing certain diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.


Pelvis Correction helps to strengthen and balance the base of your spine, allowing the core muscles used for stability, such as your pelvic floor, hips and thighs, to be activated anew and contribute once more to proper, painless posture.

Hip & Pelvis Trainer Special Functions

  • Muscle Toning
  • Overall Body Correcting
  • Improved Body Structure
  • Tighter and Slimmer Figure
  • Better Posture
  • Prevents Dislocation
  • Tightens Pelvis
  • Firms Muscles

How to Use

  1. Place tool between thighs or between any limbs.
  2. Squeeze legs/limb to exercise and tighten the muscle.
  3. Repeat exercise for body correction.

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