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Riceel┬«AOR Bra - (­čî╣Mother's Day Gift of Riceel)

Riceel┬«AOR Bra - (­čî╣Mother's Day Gift of Riceel)

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Thank you ladies for your love of AOR Bra!

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  • Main fabric (microfibre): 73% Polyamide 27% Elastane
         Lace: 87% Polyamide 13% Elastane
  • Origin>>United States┬á
  • Suitable for women of all ages

The AOR Bra is the Riceel Beauty Lab's first bold take on bras. AOR means Attempt of Rookie. We hope that we can always maintain the rookie's curiosity and  innovation. 

"AOR Bra is designed for mature women and perfectly fits the bra requirements of 95% of women. " 

"It doesn't look very unique, but it's the most satisfying and comfortable bra I've ever worn! "  -  Model Marcki

RBL (Riceel Beauty Lab) designed unique AOR Bra based on the opinions of dozens of ergonomic experts and the feedback from thousands of American women.

"I'm fed up with back closure bras! It's a real disaster for an arthritic like me every time I wear it!"  -  C***y T***y 

"Hopefully I'll have a better breast shape with this bra, but most of these bras tend to slip on easily."  -  P***a B M***g

"Underwire bras are a detrimental compression on a woman's breasts. I suggest RBL can replace the underwire with a good quality stretch fabric."  -  Professor Drucilla

    "Comfort is also important. Changing bras is a hassle, and I hope I can wear them all day without discomfort!"  -  S***n M***y
    "Our goal is to successfully release a high-quality, affordable bra that fits most women, so we're going to pay more attention to materials and comfort. "  -  AOR Chief Designer Steven


    • We use the "fiber queen"-bamboo fiber with good breathability, instant water absorption, antibacterial and antibacterial properties, and super deodorant properties to make the inner cup of AOR Bra.

    • There is nothing more worthy of a mature woman than elegant lace!┬á

    • Lightweight and thin, Ex-elastic material ensures that our ladies have a beautiful breast shape. We widened its width so that it can better┬áReduces side breast fat by centralizing & full coverage

    • The front closure design of AOR Bra brings a good wearing experience for ladies.┬á┬á


    • Seamless cut for maximum comfort & centering support
    • Anti-saggy
    • Reduces side breast fat by centralizing & full coverage
    • No more skin marks & boob slippage
    • Bra-free sensation & Ultra-comfortable wearing


    How can I wash my AOR Bra?

    To keep your new bra in the best possible condition - we recommend using a hand wash in cold water. But if you prefer machine washing, please carefully place your new bra in a zippered lingerie laundry bag and place it in a 30¡ãC wash on a delicate setting. Never bleach, iron, or place your bra in a dryer.

    Are the straps adjustable?

    The best part about the AOR Bra is that it's an adjustment-free fit! When you get your perfect size, the stretchy straps fit superbly well along the shoulders and sides, never squeezing, only supporting you and your unique shape.

    What kind of bra is The AOR Bra?

    The AOR Bra is one-of-a-kind! AOR Bra is the best of a push-up, a bralette, and a sports bra combined. We rejected all other "normal" categories of bras - because they all had unique problems that we wanted to solve with SORA Bra. There's no other bra like AOR Bra.

    What is AOR Bra made of?

    Main fabric (microfibre): 73% Polyamide 27% Elastane

    Lace: 87% Polyamide 13% Elastane

    When will the AOR Bra arrive?

    The popularity of SORA Bra has far exceeded our expectations. As this is an exclusive edition, any order placed today will take around 10-14 days to be delivered. We suggest that you reserve your spot and order immediately before the waiting time increases further.


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